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What areas of Washington, D.C. do you service?

We currently offer dog walking and pet sitting services in most areas of NW Washington and a few areas in the greater DMV region. View our service area here. If you aren’t in our area, please feel free to contact us anyway – we would love to hear about new areas in need of our services. And if we can’t do it, we might know someone who can – we love to recommend other great local services!

How much do your services cost?

Our pricing varies, depending on which services you select. Visit our Rates and Services section to see the prices for dog walking, pet sitting, boarding and housesitting!

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in the business of caring for your pets since July 01, 2005!

What are Wagamuffin’s business hours?

Our primary business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding holidays. Please contact us to learn more about our after hours care options!

Who are the pet sitters who will be coming into my home?

We hire only the most passionate, 100% reliable animal lovers. We conduct criminal background checks on new staff members, and check references thoroughly. All of our staff members are animal lovers, and we take pride in matching you with someone who will care for your pet with the utmost care and attention. We understand that you can’t always be there for your pets, but we can!

Are you bonded, licensed, and insured?

We are a licensed business and are bonded and insured. We are happy to provide documentation on request.

Do you have references? Can I contact former clients for more details on what it’s like to work with Wagamuffin?

Absolutely. Visit our Yelp page to see the feedback we’ve received from our awesome clients, and we are always happy to provide references on request.

There are so many pet care businesses in Washington, DC. What sets you apart from the others?

As a locally owned and operated pet care company, we recognize that each client and pet has his or her own specific requirements. We tailor our care according to your preferences and your pet’s needs. We know you wouldn’t pick just anyone to take care of your pets. It’s our job to give you complete peace of mind while you’re away, and excellent care for your pets. We’ll reduce your pet’s stress, give them a potty and exercise break, and provide them with stimulation and companionship! We love what we do, and we can’t wait to love your pets!

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Do you walk the dogs in groups? Do you offer individual walks?

We offer both group walks and individual walks, depending on the preference of the dog and the client.  Our goal is to maximize the fresh air, exercise and enjoyment of each dog in our care. The availability of individual walks can be limited between the hours of 11am and 3pm Monday through Friday (our peak service hours) – contact us to find out about availability in your area.

Do you take dogs to the dog park?

We generally do not take dogs to the park, unless the pet owner specifically requests this service.  While the dog park is a lot of fun, we aren’t able to guarantee that other dogs in the park will socialize well with the dogs in our care, and we always want to keep our pups safe!

Can I request a specific walk route and/or streets to avoid?

You know your neighborhood and what your dog feels comfortable with, and we welcome your input!  If there are specific places you’d like us to visit or avoid, let us know and we’ll make every effort to accommodate the request.

How will I know that the walk has taken place?

We use the Time To Pet schedule system to track the completion of each walk, and to send you a visit report by email or text in real time.

Can my Wagamuffin walker help with obedience training?

We are always happy to support any obedience training you are working on with your pet – but remember that your walker is not a certified trainer. We can also refer you to our behaviorist if your pup is exhibiting undesirable behaviors.

Can you give medicine to pets?

We are always happy to give medicine if needed, but please note that our staff are not trained in veterinary medicine. If your pet has medical needs, please let one of our managers know so that we can be sure that you are connected with a staff member that has experience with medication delivery.

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What will you need from me before we can get started?

After participating in a meet and greet, we will ask for two copies of your key(s) and will also request a copy of your current vaccination records for your pet.

Why is it necessary to set up a meet-and-greet before you begin caring for my pet?

We like to give both owner and pet the chance to get to know us. This is a good time to discuss your pet’s personality, habits, and needs, as well as the policies and procedures that Wagamuffin has in place.

Why do you need two copies of my key(s)?

We ask for two copies of your key(s) so that we can keep a back-up set in our office, in case of emergency. If obtaining a second copy of your key presents problems, please let us know and we will work with you to find a solution.

What happens if you lose my key(s)?

We make every effort to keep keys safe and secure, and we never keep addresses and keys in the same place. In the event that a key is lost, we will immediately notify you and will pay to have your locks rekeyed or changed at your request.



How does billing work?

We send invoices biweekly, and ask for payment to be made promptly.  For convenience, many of our clients opt to use the autopay feature available on the Time To Pet system. We accept payments via check, PayPal, credit card, and ACH payment.

How much notice do you need for a visit cancellation?

If your visit is scheduled for 11am or later on a standard business day, we ask that you notify us by 9am. If your visit is scheduled to take place before 11 am, or on a weekend or holiday, we ask that you notify us by 5pm the day before the scheduled visit.

Is there a fee for requesting a visit the day-of?

Nope! We ask that you notify us by 9am if you will need a visit during regular business hours. Please we may not be able to accommodate same day requests for after hours and weekend services.

Are there extra costs for after hours visits?

Our after hours services are billed at a higher rate than services during normal business hours. Check out our rates and services page for more information!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, PayPal, credit cards, and ACH payments

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